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Sophie Gregory

Sophies Horse Services

Equine Podiotherpist

I am a full-time  barefoot trimmer. 

My passion for horses and learning led me to study the Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy in 2014. 

I regularly attend other clinics and conferences  to keep up to date on the latest research.


I currently trim approx 50+ horses per week and use A and Beez Hoof Rescue on my own personal  horses with great results.

I love A and Beez Hoof Rescue for easy application and affordable products that really do a great job, plus they smell amazing!

Kylie Tuckerman

Wandilla Equine Services

Equine Podiotherapist and Nutrition Consultant

My journey began 10 years ago when my horse was diagnosed with Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (PPI) aka Cushings Disease.  From that day in 2010 a passion for endocrine disorders, feet and nutrition was born.  A thirst for knowledge lead me to Dr Eleanor Kellon to learn about PPID, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, hoof care, nutrition and an array of other online courses.  Wanting to learn more, I enrolled in the Australia College of Equine Podiotherapy to obtain my qualification in barefoot trimming.  Over the years I have continued my professional development with our hoof care providers, the National College of Traditional Medicine (Diploma in Equine Nutrition), Equinology (Equine Body Worker - certified), Equestricare (Red light therapy – student),  Dissections with Sharon May Davis and Maggie Ashley.


My business also has a nutrition component where I supply hay and minerals to my clients.  I have been mixing minerals and supplements to support equine’s nutrition for the last five years. 

My business was in need of products to support my client’s horses with seedy toe and thrush. I was introduced to A & Beez Hoof Rescue’s products and couldn’t be happier with the results.  I also use them on my own horses.  I’m very happy to be stocking their products so that I can continue to support my clients in the management of their hoof care.

sam g.jpeg
sam g.jpeg

Samantha Gunter

Samantha Gunter Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentist

I’ve been an Equine Dentist since 2015 and am qualified with the Australian Equine Dental Practice in Victoria.

Local to the Sunshine Coast I travel all over South East Qld treating horses (and some donkeys!).

I love my job; spending everyday with horses and speaking with fellow horse tragics is honestly a dream come true!


After this last year’s (crazy) rainfall, all three of my horses had varying degrees of thrush and seedy toe. I found this product amazing, Affordable AND effective!

My worst case of thrush cleared up after only a few applications. Using it once a day on clean, dry hooves seems to knock any hoof malady on the head.

I even used it on some greasy heel and it seemed clear that too.  

0415 169 469

nicole l.jpeg

Nicole Logie

NE Equine Hoofcare

Studying ACEHP Certificate in Equine Hoofcare

I am currently completing my qualification in equine hoof care through ACEHP.  


While I am a lifelong horse lover, my interest and passion for hoof care and trimming was inspired by a hoof care professional I had for my own horses many years ago. He taught me to trim and maintain my own horses hooves, which I have continued doing for the last 14 years. 


A desire for a career change and a love for all things horses and hooves, brought me to begin my studies through ACEHP in October 2021. Through ongoing study and completing my qualifications,  I hope to help as many horses as I can through good hoof care and trimming, with additional focus on diet, movement, environment, and good horsemanship. I have a budding client base and will be moving to full time trimming in the near future.


I began using A & Beez Hoof Rescue initially because I wanted to support a locally made/owned business. I came to love their products and find them incredibly user friendly and effective in the treatment of a range of hoof pathologies.  A & Beez  Hoof Rescue products are a regular part of the hoof care routine of my own horses and I am also regularly using and recommending them with client’s horses to treat thrush, seedy toe and white line separations.

nicole l.jpeg
emma photo.jpg

Emma Young

EMZ Equitherapy
Masterson Method Practitioner
(Integrated Performance Bodywork)

I am a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner.

Originally from the UK I have loved and kept horses from a young age . A passion of mine has always been helping animals wanting to make a difference . In 2009 I came to Australia to follow my dream of working as a Zoo keeper at Steve Irwin’s Australia zoo, here I worked as a native mammals keeper, teaching people about the importance of wildlife conservation.

In 2018, I fell back into horses and went back to the UK where I completed my BHS stage 1 &2 in horse care whilst working as a groom on a livery yard/riding school. I knew I wanted to make a difference in horses lives for the better and this is when I found an amazing Method of Bodywork called ‘The Masterson Method’ …


The Masterson method works with the horse by reading their responses to find and release deep accumulated tension . In contrast to most traditional methods the Masterson method let’s the horse actively participate in process of releasing tension and works with the horses nervous system .We also use a range of movements with key joints and junctions in a relaxed state which helps release tension in tight and restricted connective tissue, freeing up range of motion.

I am now currently the only Masterson Method Certified Practitioner in Queensland and my dream is still to try and make a difference, to help teach owners this wonderful gentle form of massage so they can help connect and release tension with their horses on regular basis and would love to encourage there to be more practitioners here in Australia.  

I have always believed in treating the horse as a whole and within that hooves play a major part , in movement/restriction and over all well-being.


When I came across A & Beez Hoof Rescue products I found they had all the ingredients I swear by! Their products ingredients work on the illumination of bad bacteria and fungus but are non harmful to the hoofs healthy tissue. The magic medicinal powers of honey are incredibly effective and I have seen great results between visits of clients, especially with the clearing up of thrush with Thrush Thrasher and the Honey Healer over scrapes and cuts!

 I now recommend every equestrian to have some of this in their tack rooms and first aid kits.


It takes a team of great owners and professionals, together, to make the whole horse a healthy happy one.

0435 125 929

Naomi Lee

Sundance Performance Horses/ Sundance Park
Western/ Reining/ Cowhorse Performance Trainer

I am a full-time horse trainer from Woodford, QLD.

At Sundance Park we start horses under saddle, train, re-train, teach lessons, clinics and run competitions.

We specialize in creating versatile horses that compete in ranch events, reining, cowhorse and  calm, confident all rounders.

Our tack room always has a good supply of A and Beez products on hand.

We love the natural ingredients but most importantly the products are super effective.

Favourites include:


Scald Stopper; and

Honey Healer.

sam g.jpeg

Maja Stocker

Equine Podiotherpist

I am a fulltime barefoot trimmer with a diploma from the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy 2011.


My background is studying Art, Teaching, Linda Tellington Jones’ TTEAM method, Centred Riding, Pony club coach and I am currently a Masterson student. I am passionate about professional bare hoof care and new research as well as improving horses’ wellbeing. I feel very fortunate to work with such amazing animals, and I always try to finetune my interactions with them. A soft horse muzzle on my cheek just makes my day.

I love A & Beez products as they are all natural, cater for all the different hoof issues, are easy to shape and apply, smell great, are made locally and are cost effective.

0417 325 222

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