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If you have any other questions, Please don’t hesitate to contact us, For the fastest response I recommend shooting us a msg on Facebook!

  • Why do I have to wash Scald Stopper off after application?
    Scald Stopper is an oil based product used to aid in softening and removing scabs associated with Rain Scald and killing the bacteria that causes it. In direct sunlight oil heats up and if left on the skin can cause burns to the horse. This is why we always recommend to apply and let sit in the shade and wash off with a medicated shampoo. After washing the product off you will notice the scabs soften and start to lift. Over the coming days the oil remnants penetrate the skin and continues to work at softening and lifting the scabs painlessly and effectively. The blend essential oils infused in the product goes to work with killing the bacterial that causes Rain Scald, soothing and healing the affected areas. This oil based wash has also shown improvement when used on QLD itch to give relief and put moisture back into the dry itchy skin.
  • What's the difference in the Thrush Thrasher and the Power Powder?
    Putting it simply.................... Wet for dry conditions and dry for wet conditions! We use our Power Powder a lot more when its raining and opt for the Thrasher whens the ground isn't quite as sloppy!
  • Are your products natural?
    Most of our products are natural with the exception of zinc oxide. Zinc itself is naturally occurring, but most zinc oxide bases are synthetically made. Our other ingredients are sourced from Australian owned company's and bought locally where possible! We loooove our local Bee specialist!
  • How do I use Copper Cubeez?
    Break Cubeez into manageable sized pieces and mould into a softer shape/feel for application. Push Cubeez into thoroughly cleaned separation or seedy toe gap and smooth out excess to create a flush layer on hoof sole. Alway ensure gloves are used when handling Cubeez.
  • Why are my Copper Cubeez different colours?
    Because we hand make our products each batch may be a slightly different colour/shape to the next (you may even get a combination of two different batches in one jar!), but rest assured even if your Cubeez are slightly different in colour to what is pictured; they are still the same great product! The differing colours comes from the temperature of the beeswax when it meets the copper sulphate and honey. The more heat there is in the sugar (in the honey), the more copper coloured the mixture turns! Heres a link to a post on our Facebook page that explains the difference!
  • Why are the Cubeez are falling out of the Seedy Toe resection?
    Thoroughly clean out the resection (easiest to have Cubeez ready to apply straight after a trim!). Break into small, manageable pieces and using a hoofpick gently press into affected area then smooth remaining Cubeez over the cut-out.
  • How long will the Copper Cubeez stay in place for?
    This varies depending on a few factors: The severity of the separation; The ground conditions; and most importantly The upkeep of the hoof itself. We recommend a regular trim cycle (by a qualified Farrier or Barefoot trimmer), regular cleaning out of hooves and reapplication of products when required. In saying that, our trials have indicated that 8/10 horses keep the product in-place until we physically removed it. The Cubeez will however begin to mix with small rocks/mud in poor conditions, so we do recommend reapplying after a few days when battling an active infection.
  • My CocoZinc or Honey Healer is either too soft or too hard.... what do I do?
    Because both products have a beeswax base the outside temperature will affect the consistency/ spreadability of the creams. If too hard simply sit container in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to soften. If too soft sit in the fridge for a few minutes and it will firm up. The product has been made so when its applied to a horse, their body temperature keeps it at the perfect consistency to stay on and give excellent coverage.
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